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Family Law What happens when couples divorce?

Matrimonial discord is something most couples do not understand or think about until they find themselves in an unhappy or abusive relationship. Even then one partner would normally be in an advantageous position due to financial superiority or control and therefore the other spouse often continues to put up with unreasonable demands and unfair

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Human trafficking – Fastest growing global crime

• 27 million worldwide are enslaved in labour or sexual servitude • Potential victims in the UK rise to 5,000 • Modern Slavery Act 2015 must be robustly implemented to protect victims In our daily lives we do not take much notice of invisible exploitation and abuse because it does not affect us

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Muslim clergy should embrace ‘openness’

Mosques should have more ‘open days’ Religious leaders should encourage education and inter faith harmony Women should be actively involved in community activities By Shahid Dastgir Khan A debate has been ongoing for some years in political and interfaith circles concerning the crucial question of ‘openness’ within the Muslim community in Britain. A

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London beats New York in murder rate

The government has announced a major shift in its policy on knife and gun crime in the capital in the wake of increasing use of knives and guns. The announcement by Home Office minister Amber Rudd of the government’s new Serious Violence Strategy would aim to strike balance between prevention and strong, effective

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Workplace Harassment – A Guide for Employers

Women lawyers say sexual harassment is fact of life at UK law firms When the managing partner at Jane’s law firm entered her hotel room and insisted they have another drink, all she could think about was how to extricate herself without losing her job. The company had been celebrating a deal and Jane,

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