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Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate

Creating a will is the best way to make sure that your desires are carried out as you planned after you have actually gone. A will likewise secures your liked ones and household and minimises the economic fear during what is a disturbing and also demanding time. At Khans Solicitors, our wills, trusts and also probate lawyers are right here to assist you prepare for your family’s future.

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    Our Wills and Probate team of solicitors are highly experienced in providing advice and assistance in the preparation of Wills and the execution of matters of probate.

    A Will is a document in which you declare how your Estate is to be managed and distributed upon your death. A Will should include the person you want to administer your Estate. This person is known as an “Executor” and Probate is the process of a court authorising an Executor to administer your Estate in accordance with your Will.

    It is possible to write your own Will and there are many cheap options helping you to prepare a ‘D.I.Y’ Will. However, in our experience it is not always as simple as it may first seem and there are a number of intricacies in the rules and regulations governing the preparation of Wills which make it a complex area of law. If you are not aware of the pitfalls and the legal guidelines that need to be followed, your Will may not be valid. We ensure that your Will is written in accordance with your wishes, meets the legal requirements and ultimately gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of.

    We also assist in all matters dealing with probate, and once probate is obtained can help Executors in making the application for Grant of Representation. We assist in the collection of assets, the discharge of all liabilities and can prepare Estate Accounts in accordance with the Will of the deceased. We can advise on all matters relating to Inheritance Tax and are happy to help complete the forms required by HMRC.

    To book a consultation on the preparation of a single or joint Will or for advice on matters relating to probate please complete the enquiry form.


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    Power Of

    There might come a time in the future when you become incapable to deal with your own affairs as a result of age or ill-health.


    Whether or not inheritance tax is due depends on the value of the estate and also the beneficiaries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The administrator or executor is responsible for collecting assets, paying any estate liabilities from estate funds, paying any legacies as per the deceased’s will and distributing the residue of the estate as per the will or the rules of intestacy if no will is available. The difference between an executor and an administrator is the following:

    • Executor: Appointed by the deceased person in their will.

    Administrator: Appointed by court according to the relationship status to the deceased person. An administrator appointed by court is necessary, if the deceased person did not appoint an executor or if the executor is unwilling or unable to act or the estate is an ‘interstate’ estate as no will is available.

    Yes, as executor or administrator, you can engage a professional to assist with the administration of an estate. While you are not entitled to a reimbursement for your time, the professional fees of an expert solicitor are payable from the estate.

    Yes, a will can be contested for the following reasons:

    • Lack of due execution
    • Lack of testamentary capacity
    • Revocation
    • Lack of knowledge and approval
    • Undue coercion

    If you still haven’t finalised your last wishes or would like to write a new will, call us on 020 8553 5995 or email us at