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Business Immigration Law in UK

Business Immigration

Immigration law is becoming stricter, making it harder for UK organisations to employ migrants to work and stay in the UK. Our solicitors can aid your business abide by complex immigration legislation. We also help travellers looking to spend or start a company in the UK.

Any kind of immigration procedure is demanding as well as adhering to the regulations is important to stay clear of penalty costs or legal action. We collaborate with you to recognise your demands and also placed a bespoke strategy in position that safeguards your business and employees.

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    Our skilled group of immigration lawyers offer professional immigration advice and guidance for both your individual immigration…


    Immigration law is becoming stricter, making it harder for UK organisations to employ migrants to work and stay in the UK.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Businesses employing migrant workers need to make sure they have the correct sponsorship licence. Applying for and maintaining these licences takes time and resources. Businesses can face issues if they don’t follow the correct process, including:

    • Applying for the wrong sponsorship licences and certificates of sponsorship
    • Having a sponsor licence refused, suspended or revoked
    • Failing to comply with the prevention of illegal working regulations.

    We’ve worked with many businesses and employees with complex immigration issues. Our lawyers have a detailed knowledge of immigration law and a long-standing relationship with the Home Office. We’ll give you practical advice to help make your immigration experience less time consuming and stressful.

    Our immigration solicitors can help you if you’re:

    • A business owner in the UK who employs migrant workers
    • An individual looking to start a business or invest in the UK
    • An Individual who wants to work in the UK
    • A business wanting to set up a branch or subsidiary in the UK.

    Our immigration teamwork with businesses and individuals across the UK and abroad. Whether you can meet face-to-face or not, our team work closely with you to solve your immediate issues as well as putting plans in place to avoid any future ones.

    Immigration laws around Brexit are uncertain but changes are likely. We understand that for businesses employing people from the EU or EU nationals running businesses in the UK this is an incredibly unsettling time.

    Our immigration lawyers can assess your business and advise the best way forward to prepare for Brexit. We’ll also help you and your dependants apply for a permanent residency permit to stay in the UK.

    Business immigration law is complex, and no two issues are the same. Our immigration team offer a bespoke service that doesn’t just help with a one-off application. We work closely with you to offer tailored advice to ensure you have the correct policies in place, so you comply with regulations.

    We can help you:

    • Make sure you comply with immigration law by auditing your business processes
    • Fix any problems we find from our audit and help you avoid them in future
    • Apply for sponsorship licences or certificates of sponsorship
    • Deal with sponsorship licences that are refused, suspended or revoked
    • Train HR teams on how to manage and stay compliant with sponsorship licences and employee visas
    • Create policies for sponsors, entrepreneurs and investors with Tier 2 and Tier 5 licences
    • Keep up to date on any changes to immigration law and how to implement them in your business.

    Our flexible pricing options suit any budget and size of work required. You can choose from capped fees, bank of hours or a retainer service. Contact our immigration solicitors today on 020 8553 5995 to discuss your situation.

    We recognise that employing migrant workers has a huge benefit to the UK economy. We approach business immigration issues from all perspectives to help businesses and individuals stay legally compliant with rapidly changing immigration laws.

    Our team focuses on building a long-term relationship with you while solving any immediate problems you face. Immigration issues often stray into other areas of law such as employment or tax. If this is the case, we can work with our colleagues from other departments to offer you a complete service that addresses all of your needs.