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Children Law – Child Arrangements Orders & Disputes

Khans Solicitors have highly experienced children law and care solicitors in the UK. Our expert team is the best to offer emphatic advice, support and representation in disputes concerning kids. Every member of the team has many years of experience around this area. As we know that a lot of care and consideration is needed to resolve these type of issues in the best interest of parents and protect the children, we deal with this at our best. Talk to our children law specialists on 020 8553 5995.

We help and support all family members on all type of issues related to children. Disagreements on child matters can put parents, family members and courts in most difficult decisions of all. The Children Act 1989 is the main legislation which describes the law. Our experts at Khans Solicitors can support anyone who face conflict regarding children. In scenarios where there are serious issues about children safety and welfare, we have the experience and knowledge to act quickly to offer them with security through court orders.

We are specialised in;

  • Child Arrangements Order – who a child lives with and how much time they can spend with the other parent.
  • Partner’s restricted actions order
  • Partner’s particular problem order
  • Parental Responsibilities
  • Child change of name
  • Children national or international relocation relocation
  • Child care procedures
  • Social Services intervention

How can we help you to get child arrangements right

When parents get divorced, one of the hardest aspects of life is that you can not both be with your children as typically as you intend to be.

New child arrangements should be taken into consideration, such as where the kid will certainly live as well as just how much time they will spend with the mom and dad.

The best way to get this right is to put the requirements of the kids first, by taking into consideration the following questions;

  • Who can take care of children most of the time
  • Which parent house is in close vicinity of school and their friends
  • What adjustments could occur in terms of schools as children get older

Addressing concerns like these can go a long way to helping you get to an agreement that remains in your kid or children’s best interests. If you can do this, there may be no need to entail the courts, as legal treatment is normally just essential when parents can not get to an arrangement.

Nevertheless, particularly each time when emotions are running high, it isn’t always possible for also one of the most caring parents to agree on ideal child arrangements.

When that occurs, in the first instance you could wish to think about mediation, so that a neutral specialist can help you ahead to an arrangement. Or, if an agreement can not be reached, our committed family lawyers are always available to assist you with every aspect of children’s legislation as well as child arrangements.

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    Family and Children

    Separation is potentially among the most stressful life events you can experience, and one that can have a significant impact on your family


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    We are xperience in handling divorce financial matters smoothly and peacefully for our customers…


    Our expert team is the best to offer emphatic advice, support and representation in disputes concerning kids.


    If you are living with a partner who is not your spouse, your financial rights will be complex and uncertain.


    There is a necessary contract that requires to be prepared and also signed before getting marriage.

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    We understand that putting the needs of your kids first is essential, so our specialist solicitors can offer you the best professional advice. No matter how complicated the situation is, we will certainly coordinate with you to come to the most effective agreement for you and your children.