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Probate Law

Probate And Executing A Will

Are you administrator or administrator of a will? It’s hard managing your sorrow over a liked one, making funeral setups and starting the administrative tasks of an administrator all at the same time. Khans Solicitors can assist.

Will Execution:

Are you administrator or executor of a will? It’s hard managing your pain over an enjoyed one, making funeral setups as well as beginning the management responsibilities of an administrator all at the same time.

This is why lots of administrators as well as managers (also called individual reps) choose to deal with a solicitor who helps them with implementing the will of the dead person. Khans Solicitors have specialist lawyers who can help you with your duties as the individual representative of your liked one’s estate. Call us currently on freephone 020 8553 5995.

Probate and executing a will:

If you are the executor of someone’s will or if you have actually been called administrator, your task is to act according to the will of the deceased individual. You may require a legal record, known as a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Management, which gives you the authority to carry out the estate of the departed individual.

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    Are you administrator or administrator of a will? It’s hard managing your sorrow over a liked one, making funeral setups…

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    There might come a time in the future when you become incapable to deal with your own affairs as a result of age or ill-health.


    Whether or not inheritance tax is due depends on the value of the estate and also the beneficiaries.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are different reasons for working with an expert solicitor when faced with the task of administering a loved one’s estate:

    • Time saving:working with an expert solicitor will save you time.
    • Efficient: A professional solicitor with experience in the field will complete complex tasks easily and efficiently and will keep the administrative work and time spent on it to a minimum.
    • Independent Party: Unfortunately, sharing out an estate can often lead to disputes within the family. This is usually the last thing the deceased person wanted. A solicitor is an independent party with a neutral view. If the estate is contested, the solicitor remains a neutral party and once litigation is complete, the solicitor will then proceed to distribute the estate.
    • Responsibility:As an executor or administrator, you can be held personally liable for any mistakes made. The assistance of our specialist solicitors will help you avoid making mistakes.

    Depending on the will, the estate and the beneficiaries, carrying out your duties as an executor or administrator can be complicated and time-consuming. A professional will and probate solicitor can assist you with tasks such as:

    • Applying for a grant of probate or letters of administration
    • Collecting in assets and discharging liabilities
    • Communicating with the beneficiaries and distributing the estate in accordance with the will.
    • If there is no will, distributing the estate according to the rules of intestacy.

    Considering and settling the tax liabilities of the estate (e.g. inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax)

    Any expenses incurred by you in your position as executor or administrator can be reimbursed from the estate. For example, you may be reimbursed for your travel expenses and postage costs. However, as a lay executor or administrator you are not entitled to charge for your time in dealing with the estate. If you instruct a probate solicitor to assist with the administration of the estate, the professional fees incurred are payable from the estate. With legal assistance you can keep your work and time spent to a minimum and the estate can usually be shared out more quickly when working with an expert.

    If the will is ambiguous it may be declared invalid and the estate will be shared in accordance with the rules of intestacy. If you have concerns regarding the Will under which you are appointed as executor we advise you to seek legal advice from our specialist solicitors.