It’s not just unfair for you to be discriminated against in the workplace, it’s also unlawful. That’s why our experienced workplace discrimination solicitors are here to help you at every turn. In the first instance this can mean advising you on how to make a formal complaint, known as a grievance to your manager or Head of Human Resources. Negotiating your company’s grievance procedure may not be straightforward and having expert legal assistance on hand can help to make sure that your rights are fully respected.

In cases where the discrimination has been too serious to allow for an amicable resolution, we’re also highly experienced in negotiating favourable severance packages, should you wish to leave your current employer and move on to a company that offers a fairer and more pleasant working environment.

You can also rest assured that where your employer’s internal procedures can’t help you to obtain a fair resolution and you feel that you must resign, we’ve extensive experience of supporting our clients by issuing proceedings for constructive dismissal at employment tribunals. It’s often a good idea to take legal advice before taking the step of resigning. To speak to an experienced employment solicitor about discrimination in the workplace, call us on 020 8553 0950 or contact us and we’ll call you.