We can assist you throughout the process of buying a property, and take over some of the work, such as the searches and checking the legal rights and burdens which come with the property.

However, our services go even further. We can advise you on legal considerations when buying a property:
The time of buying a house is probably the time to re-consider your Will and Inheritance Tax issues generally. We have a dedicated team who can advise you on these matters and this could save you problems later on.

Furthermore, we can advise you on capital Gains tax :
Should you eventually sell the property, if it has risen in value, you may have to pay Capital Gains Tax on the difference between what you receive for the property and what the property cost to acquire, improve and sell, after allowing for inflation. If the house is your main residence then no Capital Gains tax is chargeable at all, but you should bear in mind that you are only entitled to have one main residence.