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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

If you become involved in a dispute where you need to enforce or defend a legal right, then Khans solicitors are there to help you.

We have experience of representing both claimants and defendants in the County Court right the way through to the High Court. We deal with corporate and commercial disputes in a sensible, timely and cost-effective manner. At Khans, we pride ourselves on providing straightforward honest legal advice on a range of litigation matters and our aim is to always help resolve issues while safeguarding our clients’ best interests. We use our knowledge and experience to determine if a matter can be handled through alternative dispute resolution methods or if litigation is required. Where appropriate we always attempt to resolve an action by resolution before litigation. We are experienced in the full range of dispute resolution tactics, board and tribunal hearings, and conducting court proceedings through to trial.

We can assist you in litigating or defending the following matters:

  • Contractual Disputes
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Property Disputes
  • Recovery claims

At Khans our aim is to offer a quality service at a competitive rate.  However, we understand that Litigation can be expensive and the outcome is often uncertain. Therefore, at the outset of your case we will conduct a cost-benefit analysis and we will reassess this with you as your case progresses. At all times our aim is to give you the best and most practical legal advice at a fair price.



Our Conveyancing solicitors can help you to buy, sell or re-mortgage your property. We also help leaseholders purchase their freehold or extend their lease.

Buying or selling a property can be a daunting experience especially as the law surrounding conveyancing can be complex, with many things to check and consider. At Khans, we ensure our clients understand the process, are well informed throughout and that this communication line is extended to all parties involved, so that the transaction runs smoothly.  We deal with our clients’ instructions effectively and complete matters quickly. We apply our expert knowledge and experience to carry out the different searches and advise our clients in advance on the liability of any risk. At Khans we have qualified conveyancers and solicitors who understand how important this type of transaction can be and whether our client is a first-time buyer or an experienced investor we work diligently to meet their needs whilst providing a friendly service.

We are renowned for providing comprehensive legal advice coupled with the highest standards of service, all at a reasonable price. We offer a fixed fee for residential conveyancing work and a reasonable fee for all other property transactions, eliminating the worry associated with potentially spiraling costs. We are experts in all types of property transactions and have the experience to deal with the following:

  • Sale of freehold/leasehold
  • Business and Commercial Leases
  • Re-mortgages/Release equity
  • Transfers of property following relationship breakdown
  • Gifts of property
  • Trusts


We provide defence for individuals whether at the police station or at court, against all criminal allegations and, from initial arrest through to charge.

Khans solicitors are one of the leading criminal defence solicitors in Essex. We have an experienced team of solicitors who have expertise in providing advice and representation in all categories of crime with a proven success record stretching over many years. We pride ourselves in assisting our clients every step of the way and in achieving the best possible results for them. We never compromise on the quality of service we endeavour to provide and whether our client is innocent or guilty, or a person with good character or a repeat offender, our service is tailored to suit the individual to ensure they are fully prepared and adequately advised. 

We aim to provide our clients with a sound knowledge of the elements of the criminal offence they are being arrested over or charged with, as well as an understanding of the procedure to be followed at the police station and at court.  We always try and advise our clients on the merits of their case and whether they have a defence to the allegation being made against them. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence the police have and where appropriate the benefits of an early guilty plea. 

Our criminal solicitors provide professional court representation and advocacy at Magistrates', Youth & Crown Courts and are able to attend for a voluntary interview under caution in addition to clients who are arrested. Unfortunately we no longer do Legal Aid, however our pricing for police station and court representation on a private basis is extremely competitive and includes fixed fee options (available on request).


Price Guide

Check here our latest price guides for Probate, Conveyancing, Motoring Offences and immigration applications.


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Family and Children

Our dedicated solicitors specialise in all aspects of family law, from matrimonial agreements through to divorce including issues relating to; children, property and finances.    

The breakdown of any relationship can be difficult and legal issues can often arise when circumstances in relationships or family life change permanently. At Khans we aim to provide practical solutions and deliver clear and honest advice in a caring and sensitive manner. We understand we are dealing with people and not just paper and that we may be changing the course of people’s lives by the way in which we conduct their cases. We therefore believe that family law requires a different approach in comparison to the many other areas of law and we aim in a sympathetic and professional manner to help resolve issues as quickly and as amicably as possible.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of family law whether negotiating straightforward divorce settlements or more complicated cases involving children and the division of property, personal and business assets. Where children are involved, we support our clients in putting their children first and prefer solutions which encourage communication rather than confrontation. Based on this principle wherever possible we try and advise clients on conciliation, negotiation, compromise and resolution. Equally whilst we explore alternatives to litigation with our client we also recognise the occasions when prompt action is needed. In these instances we understand the necessity for urgent court action and will do everything we can to defend and protect our clients’ interests.

Finally, conscientious about costs, we work honestly and efficiently with our clients, explaining the pros and cons of the case and the likely costs of any course of action. We pride ourselves on our high level of client care and communication and always keep clients appraised of developments in their case whilst ensuring they are aware of the costs implications of any work beforehand. We prepare case plans and consider the benefit of an action versus the costs involved. We believe this allows for transparency and for matters to be concluded in a timely and cost-effective way.

The work we do includes:

  • Divorce and separation agreements
  • Dissolution of Civil Partnerships and separation agreements
  • Division of assets on divorce or dissolution (property, investments, businesses and pensions)
  • Child and spousal maintenance or civil partner maintenance
  • Children issues, including residence and contact
  • Leave to remove a child from the UK
  • Rights of unmarried couples
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements
  • Mediation and mediation agreements
  • Change of name deeds
  • Domestic violence
  • LPA’s
  • Grandparents Rights

If you require further advice, please fill in the quick Family Enquiry Form and a member of our family law team will contact you as soon as possible.



Khan Solicitors are experts in providing advice and assistance in all areas of Immigration law and are renowned for their work in Human Rights in the UK and abroad.

Khans solicitors gives immigration advice and assistance in all areas of UK immigration.

UK Immigration Points-Based System

The Points-Based UK immigration system is a criterion that you must meet in order to be granted entitlement to enter the UK. Experts in Immigration law at Khans Solicitors we can advise you on how to prove your entitlement to enter the UK, whilst helping you produce the correct and relevant documents.

Under the points-based UK Immigration system, there are various “tiers” of visa that allow entry into the UK, depending on your reason for entering. Khans Solicitors immigration law experts can advise and assist you in the following areas:

  • Human rights applications
  • Indefinite leave to remain applications
  • Further leave to remain in all categories
  • Family and dependent related visa applications for children, spouses, civil partners, fiancés and unmarried partners
  • EU and EEA applications
  • Immigration appeals
  • Detention and bail matters
  • Sole representatives
  • Long residence
  • Overseas entry clearance applications
  • Asylum applications
  • British citizenship and naturalisation applications
  • "switching” between relevant immigration categories
  • Extensions to existing visas
  • Tier 1 (investor/graduate entrepreneur/entrepreneur/exceptional talent) visa
  • Tier 4 (general) visa
  • Tier 5 visas including government authorised exchange and youth mobility scheme


We provide services in all aspects of business immigration, including:

  • Sponsor licences
  • Issues surrounding illegal working and compliance
  • Advising on visas under all categories of PBS including tier 2 (general) & tier 2 (intra company transfer) categories
  • Advising on short-term assignment planning, business visit visas, temporary work and residence permits, entry clearance/visas and passports
  • Temporary workers under tier 5 of the points based system
  • Appealing a rejected visa

If your visa application is rejected it is possible to appeal this decision under the Human Rights Act 1998.

Landlord & Tenant

Landlord & Tenant

Whether you are a landlord or tenant Khans Solicitors are here to provide comprehensive advice on your legal rights and obligations.

For over thirty years Khans Solicitors have specialised in Landlord & Tenant law. Our experience means we can give you the highest quality advice on a wide range of issues. Involving us from the start means we can identify potential problems and provide efficient and pragmatic solutions.


If you are a landlord we can assist in all matters whether non-contentious such as; drafting tenancy documentation, advising on types of tenancies, obligations in relation to safety, disrepair and deposits: Or contentious matters such as; rent arrears, possession, eviction, neighbour, boundary or service charge disputes. With a wealth of experience at our disposal, we provide advice in connection with existing leases, from renewals and licences, through to highly complex development and pre-let documentation.


If you are a tenant our solicitors can assist you in understanding and enforcing your legal rights.  We are here to help you enforce your legal right whether it is in relation to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, Notice period on your tenancy agreement, Possession or Unlawful eviction. Where a landlord has failed in their obligation to follow certain process and procedures, we can help you obtain compensation and in certain cases reinstatement to the property.  At Khans we provide advice and representation for housing disrepair, including emergency injunction for urgent repairs and compensation claims for disrepair. We also provide long leaseholders with advice and representation on Service Charge and Management Disputes.

Wills & probate

Wills & probate

Our Wills and Probate team of solicitors are highly experienced in providing advice and assistance in the preparation of Wills and the execution of matters of probate.

A Will is a document in which you declare how your Estate is to be managed and distributed upon your death. A Will should include the person you want to administer your Estate. This person is known as an “Executor” and Probate is the process of a court authorising an Executor to administer your Estate in accordance with your Will.

It is possible to write your own Will and there are many cheap options helping you to prepare a ‘D.I.Y’ Will. However, in our experience it is not always as simple as it may first seem and there are a number of intricacies in the rules and regulations governing the preparation of Wills which make it a complex area of law. If you are not aware of the pitfalls and the legal guidelines that need to be followed, your Will may not be valid. We ensure that your Will is written in accordance with your wishes, meets the legal requirements and ultimately gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of.

We also assist in all matters dealing with probate, and once probate is obtained can help Executors in making the application for Grant of Representation. We assist in the collection of assets, the discharge of all liabilities and can prepare Estate Accounts in accordance with the Will of the deceased. We can advise on all matters relating to Inheritance Tax and are happy to help complete the forms required by HMRC.

To book a consultation on the preparation of a single or joint Will or for advice on matters relating to probate please complete the enquiry form.

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